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Thursday, November 17th, 2016


Guest Arrival + Check-In

Welcome to VERSUS - Challenge What You Know
Speaker:  Ajay Arora, CEO, Vera
Welcome to Versus. Vera CEO and co-founder, Ajay Arora, will kick off a full day of controversial debates, primary security research, and dynamic discussions. Prepare to be challenged, and prepare to add your own voice and opinions to the debate. No one is a silent participant.

Keynote: The Psychology of Security
Keynote:  Dan Ariely, NYT Bestselling Author, Google AI advisor
Dan Ariely, innovator, academic maverick, world-renowned author, and one of the world’s most influential thinkers, will get Versus started with a discussion of the psychology of security. He’ll ask (and answer), “Why do security teams make unpredictable, even irrational, decisions?” His unorthodox approach to understanding human behavior is a perfect match for the themes of Versus – ideas that challenge you and the status quo.

Your Perimeter is Dying. That’s a Good Thing.
Speaker: Alan Cohen, CCO Illumio, 4X Startup Exec, Board Member, Prolific Writer
In the age of the hack, the dissolution of the known organizational boundary, the perimeter, would appear to be one of the scariest developments for security and information technology professionals – or is it? In this session, Alan will demonstrate why this trend is actually driving improvements in security and giving InfoSec teams more control.

Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality in the Social Media Age
Speaker:  Clara Shih, CEO Hearsay Social, 2x Author, Starbucks Board Member
In her session on Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security in the Social Media Age, Clara will discuss how as individuals, we are used to sharing everything about ourselves online. But, how does that translate into how we view sharing, privacy, and confidentiality at work? Is it okay to share as freely at work as it is in our private lives? What are the repercussions of that and what can organizations do to maximize sharing and creativity without compromising crown jewels data?

Debate - Data vs. Network vs. Identity Security: Where Do You Start?
Speakers:  David Baker, CISO, Okta vs. Ajay Arora, CEO, Vera vs. Daniel Riedel, CEO, New Context
Moderator:  Caroline Wong, VP Strategy, Cobalt
We’re all trying to protect our enterprise’s crown jewels, but where do you even begin? Do you begin with the network, identity or securing the data directly? Ajay Arora, CEO of Vera, David Baker, CISO of Okta and Daniel Riedel, CEO of New Context disagree and challenge what the priority should be for every organization in this head-to-head debate. 

Risky Business: Can We Really Measure Cyber Risk?
Speaker:  Richard Seiersen, Author, CISO, Twilio
If your sensitive information gets out there, how exposed are you? What will the impact be on your financial state, ability to compete, reputation, and ultimately customer trust? Richard Seiersen, author of Measuring Cyber Risk, and current CISO at Twilio (after a long stint leading cybersecurity at GE Healthcare) shares how your organization can better prepare for a world where anything can happen.

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Nothing is Sacred in IT: Challenging Everything you Know
Speaker:  Yousuf Khan, VP of IT, Pure Storage
When you’re in hyper-growth mode, all the rules go out the window. True and tried business models become obsolete and you have to re-invent how you do EVERYTHING. Yousuf Khan, VP of IT at Pure Storage, shares his insights on how to challenge the status quo to create an IT organization that’s more agile, responsive, and secure without slowing down.

Debate - Encryption: Tool of Terror vs. Tool of Liberty?
Speakers:  Cindy Cohn, EFF vs. Daniel Rosenthal, Kroll
Moderator:  Kate Conger, TechCrunch
Earlier this year, Apple and the FBI battled it out over access to an encrypted terrorist’s cellphone in the tragic aftermath of San Bernardino. Should the government have backdoor access to encrypted messages to protect our national security, or do backdoors ultimately make us less secure? Cindy Cohn, Executive Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will square off with Daniel Rosenthal, a former Director of Counterterrorism for the White House, in one of this year’s most controversial security and privacy debates.  

Security vs. Collaboration
Speaker:  Patrick Heim, Chief Trust Officer, Dropbox
The pace of the modern enterprise has created a new paradox: how do organizations move faster, act more creatively, and collaborate effectively without compromising security, privacy, and control? Patrick Heim, Chief Trust Officer at Dropbox and formerly the head of Trust and Security at Salesforce, Kaiser Permanente, and McKesson, will discuss the delicate and powerful tension between these two forces and how an organization can harness both.


Lessons from the Cutting Edge of Technology
Speaker:  Nami Mufti, Director of IT, Capital One
When is a bank not a bank? When it’s a technology company, operating beyond the limits of what most financial institutions consider comfortable. Nami Mufti, Director of Information Security at Capital One has been balancing his company on this edge for over 15 years. Hear his four rules for protecting data at the cutting edge in this TED-style talk.

Security as we Know it is Dead
Speaker:  Adel Zahiry, Information Security Officer, NBCUniversal
The old way of thinking about security is dead. Security is no longer just something to reactively use to protect our businesses, but something that can be harnessed to make everyone more productive. Learn how NBCUniversal thinks about cybersecurity as a way to move faster, smarter, and outrun the competition. 

Debate - Hackers vs. Rogue Apps vs. Insider Threats
Speakers:  Amir Ben-Efraim, CEO, Menlo Security vs. Nick Bilogorskiy, Sr. Director of Threat Intelligence, Cyphort vs. Kaushik Narayan, CTO and Co-Founder, Skyhigh Networks
Moderator: Owen Falkowitz, CEO and Co-Founder, Area 1 Security
What keeps you up at night? Is it the trusted insider with access to the crown jewels (The Snowden scenario), or is it the hacker trying to steal your information for financial, political or other malicious reasons (The North Korea scenario)? Or are you more worried about the seemingly endless apps that everyone in your organization is now using on their laptops and mobile devices that you know nothing about? Sounds like something we need to talk about.

The Future of Security/Closing Remarks
Speakers:  Ajay Arora, CEO, Vera and Prakash Linga, CPO and Co-founder, Vera
Today, we’re dealing with the challenges of a collapsing perimeter and an explosion of escape vectors for data. What might the next set of challenges for security professionals and startups look like? Join Vera co-founders Prakash Linga and Ajay Arora for their thoughts on the future of cyber security and the ramifications for the enterprise.

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